Exploring Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Buying and moving into our house this month has meant that we haven't been able to do very many holiday activities what with packing, moving, unpacking, and making way too many trips to Target and IKEA (and yes, we get Swedish meatballs EVERY time we go there).

Yesterday we unpacked the last few boxes from our old house and decided to celebrate by doing something super Christmasy by going to see the lights at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. This was actually our first ever visit to the zoo for Wildlights and astronaut Harrison is already excited to go back next year!

As with every visit to the zoo, our first stop had to be the polar bears so that Harrison could say hi to his "friends".

After saying hi to the polar bears, seeing the sleeping brown bears, and saying hey to the bison and climbing on ALL of the animal statues, we headed back to check out the musical lights show at Conservation Lake.

From there we headed to the Aquarium to warm up a little and visit some of Harry's other favorites, the sharks and hang out at the Shores Playpark before calling it a night.

Taking a deep dive in at the Aquarium

hanging ten at the Shores play park

Why have we never gone to Wildlights before last night? The idea of the traffic, cold, and crowds have kept us on the couch in years past. This year though I got some great advice from a few friends on how to explore Wildlights easily (ok, it was still cold but that's what hot cocoa is for, right?).

Christmas lights at Conservation Lake at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

We got to the zoo around 4:30 and, sure enough, traffic was a breeze and, while there were plenty of strollers to dodge, it's wasn't super crowded. The best part? It was still light enough to see a ton of animals!

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