What a difference a month can make!

We just finished our first month of lessons at Goldfish Swim School - Dublin and I thought I'd share a little about our experience so far.

#1 Why didnt we start lessons here sooner? While Harry was nervous to start lessons again becuase of the whole water in the ears thing, he has taken to it swimmingly! He loves that it's a smaller class size. The last place he had lessons at had a student to teacher ratio of 12:1 which meant a lot of downtime and opportunity for him to lose focus. Most weeks at Goldfish it has been 3:1 or 4:1 (that is their maximum per teacher) and he does a great job of maintaining focus and engaging with the instructor.

Also, remember having that week of swim lessons at the local pool during the summer? Goldfish does too and they are offering week-long "Jumpstart Clinics" through July for members and non-members alike. My favorite part? Lessons are rain or shine since they are indoors so you get every lesson you pay for regardless of the weather!

#2 I also LOVE that, while learning solid technique, safety is the focus of every lesson. It is so great to know that he can ,not only be able to swim halfway across the pool underwater, but that he knows what to do so that his first response to trouble isn't panic.

#3 No locker rooms! Both Harry and I LOVE the private “cabana” changing rooms even though sometimes it’s a bit of a free for all to get into one, but that just gives us a chance to work on having patience (a lesson that most six-year olds, and dads TBH, can use more practice with).

#4 Flexible scheduling is a-ma-zing! From getting sick to taking an Astronaut trip here and there over the summer, Goldfish offers makeup lessons if we can't make it to our regularly scheduled lesson. Oh yeah, they offer an insane amount of lesson times as well (even Sunday mornings)!

#5 Family swim time! Monday-Thursday Goldfish Dublin offers Family swim from 12:30-1:30pm and Friday nights (from 6:30-8:00).

Harrison's favorite things so far?

1). The weekly prize after each lesson, and ribbons when he hits a goal.

2). Working to get to the next level class.

3). High fives from his teacher.

4). A post-lesson trip to the snack bar.

5). The surf board benchs in the changing area. He cant walk by them without climbing on to "hang ten".

Harry and I both walked into Goldfish with some reservations. For him it was the whole water in the ears thing (totally not a thing now and he is submerging himself all the time during his lessons without complaint or hesitation). For me, I was concerned about the teacher being able to communicate the techniques in a way that would work with Harry's bilateral coordination and attention issues. Turns out we were both worried about nothing and are eager to get to lessons every week to see what Harry will be able to learn next!

Thanks to Goldfish Swim School for sponsoring this post and for doing SUCH a great job helping Harry enjoy being a kid a little more every week.

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