The Day of Two Lunches and a LOT of jumping on trampolines.

Butler County, we have lift-off!

For the last day of our visit to Butler County, we started with breakfast at High Street Café in downtown Hamilton, Ohio. Hamilton's main street looks exactly like a small mid-western town's main street should look. In addition to the storefronts and facades that transport you back to the 50's, there are some amazing murals around downtown that speak to Hamilton's heritage. Sadly, the morning we were there it was 20℉ and Astronaut Harrison was hangry, so we decided we'll share all the murals on our next visit (we still have 7 stops on the BC Donut Trail after all).

Main Street Cafe is super kid friendly. From the unique salt and pepper holders to the vintage decor, there was a lot for Harrison to check out while we waited for our food to arrive.

His first time playing and he beat my score...

Harry's favorite? The "loaded" pancake, with bacon of course.

After breakfast we headed to Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum. Pyramid Hill is a 300+ acre sculpture park with 60+ monumental outdoor sculptures displayed in a landscape of rolling hills, meadows, lakes, and hiking trails. You can drive your car through the entire sculpture park or, like us, rent an Art Cart that lets you get even closer to each sculpture.

The only bad thing about our visit was the weather! A brisk and chilly morning kept us from exploring as much of the park by Art Cart as we would have liked. We will definitely be visiting again now that spring is finally here and everything is starting to bloom.


All of our exploring at Pyramid Hill made us pretty thirsty so we headed back into Hamilton to Jolly's Drive-in which, a friend told me, had the BEST root beer. That friend was right! Jolly's is a true old-school drive-in, where they bring the food out to your car and hang the tray on your window. While astronauts might eat in their space capsules, there was no way that I was going to let Astronaut Harrison eat chili cheese fries in my Subaru! We headed inside to a booth where we tried everything from their hot dogs and chili burgers to their loaded chili-cheese fries, onion rings, and so much root beer served in ice-cold glass mugs.

Houston, we had Brisket, and ribs, and lots of fun...

After our "snack" (aka Lunch #1) we decided to take a drive to check out Combs BBQ in Middletown. I've seen BBQ places made to look like roadside shacks, old elementary schools, and the ever present reclaimed barnwood and black metal that is so popular lately. Never have I seen BBQ joint designed to showcase an impressive music and neon collection. Harry is an analog soul in a digital world, and he spent the entire time we were there either in the old telephone booth or checking out all of the instruments and neon. He'd adjust his trajectory over to our booth once in a while for a bite of brisket (spilling their amazing BBQ sauce ALL over his spacesuit) but was happy just exploring the entire time we were there.

Shortly before his spacesuit suffered a "malfunction" due to getting covered in BBQ sauce.

Hey, they've got ribs today!

We have lift-off, and touch-down, and lift-off and...oh, maybe two lunches weren't such a good idea...

After our lunch(es) we headed back to West Chester for a visit to Get Air trampoline park. Harrison had such a great time! From jumping and climbing to crashing into the foam "crash" pit, it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon and, by the time we left, we had one very tired astronaut!

We cannot thank the Butler County Visitor's Bureau enough for inviting us to visit and helping us plan our stay. Even though we spent three full days there, we barely made a dent in our list of places to visit, things to do, and donuts to eat. I see many day trips and weekend visits once school is out for the summer.

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