Spring Break Day 2: Astronaut Harrison explores the Butler County Donut Trail.

Houston, We have donuts!

Trying the pineapple fritter at Stan the Donut Man's donut shop.

For day two of our Spring Break trip to Butler County, we spent the morning exploring the Butler County Donut Trail. While the trail is home to twelve local donut shops (no Dunkins or Tim Hortons thank you very much) we limited ourselves to just visiting five shops starting with Stan the Donut Man's shop to try their famous Pineapple Fritter.

Clockwise from upper left: Kelly's Bakery, Jupiter Coffee & Donuts, Holtman's Donuts, and The Donut House.

From there we made our way to Kelly's bakery to try their Tiger Tail, the Pistachio filled at Jupiter Coffee & Donuts, custom filled long johns (we chose boston cream) at the Donut House, and Harry finished things off with a St. Patrick's themed donut at Holtman's.

Along the way we needed to take a break and stretch our legs so we visited Jungle Jim's and a visit to their unique (and highly rated restrooms). It was our first ever visit to Jungle Jims and it is truly as unique a shopping experience as all your friends tell you it is!

After spending the morning eating donuts, driving and exploring Jungle Jim's we headed back to the hotel to fill out our Donut passport and rest up for our afternoon.

After we recovered from our mid-day sugar slump, we headed to The Web Extreme Entertainment where we tried out the indoor go-kart track, climbing wall, bowling, video games and even tried out their Space Station Escape Room!

After our visit to The Web a very tired Astronaut Harrison had us reevaluating our dinner plans and we decided to find a quick and easy dinner close to our hotel. We were staying in West Chester and, just about two minutes from our hotel was the local IKEA. My mind immediately jumped to #meatballs and our course was set!

Before IKEA opened in Columbus last Summer, West Chester was the closest location if a Columbusite like myself had a hankering for Swedish meatballs and affordable flat pack furniture. I had no idea that they also did dinner specials! The night we visited they had a beef tenderloin roast with herb sauce (an amazing savory brown gravy) that, when paired with their mashed potatoes and veg of the day made for an insanely good deal at $8! After the donut trail, hours of go-karting/rock wall climbing/escape rooming at The Web, and a delicious dinner, we called it an early night and headed back to the hotel for a little much needed pool time and bed to rest up for day three in Butler County.

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