Our Spring Break adventure in Butler County (Day 1)

For Spring Break, we were invited by the Butler County Visitor's Bureau to explore the Butler County Donut Trail and other fun family locations.

Our visit started with check-in at the Staybridge Suites hotel in West Chester, Ohio. Astronaut Harrison's favorite part of any trip is exploring the hotel. Out of all of our travels for the project, this was the first hotel suite that we stayed in and boy does it make a difference compared to your standard "double double".

Having a comfy couch makes a big difference when traveling with an Astronaut!

After checking out the hotel for a little while, we heading to Entertrainment Junction and A-Maze-N Fun House. Home to the world's largest indoor train display, an amazing indoor kids play area, and Harry's favorite part: the A-MAZE-N Funhouse which included a mirror maze, Journey to a Black Hole, and other fun funhouse themed rooms that tricked, startled and entertained us a lot more than we thought they would.

Mirror Maze in the Entertrainment Junction A-Maze-N Funhouse

Vortex Tunnel in the Journey to the Black Hole

After spending several hours exploring the train display, going through the funhouse and getting thoroughly tired out at the kid's playland, we headed off in search of burgers, fries and a good strawberry milkshake.

Our search led us to Bagger Dave's Burger Tavern where Harrison didn't even waste time taking off his helmet before draining his milkshake. He showed a little more restraint when it came to the soft pretzels with beer cheese dip and the "Trainwreck" burger we tried before heading back to the hotel to relax and prepare to take on the Butler County Donut Trail the next morning!

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