Welcome to Small Steps 2.0

Over the last 18 months Astronaut Harrison and I have met a lot of amazing individuals through the project who have helped us get access to some amazing places. Through working with these individuals we learned how they explore their world and help encourage others to do so as well.

The goal with Small Steps 2.0 is to tell the stories of those individuals (and many more) through social media and weekly blog posts. Each person/organization featured will, of course, be wearing the helmet that “Astronaut” Harrison is recognized by.

Eventually we see taking Small Steps 2.0 to places like makerfairs, Robotics competitions, really anywhere that science is being done and there are people with exceptional stories to share. With our focus on travel, photography of Small Steps 2.0 will run concurrent with the rest of Small Steps production.

Stop back every Monday to meet our next explorer!

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